Features inherited from PandwaRF model

The following features are base product features that can be upgraded with a Kaiju License.

Plan Free Rogue Pro Rogue Gov Marauder Ultimate

Rolling Codes Analysis

Detailed Data analysis (Daily/Monthly)

Complete analysis of input data: brand, model, SN, Sync, cipher, etc...





New remote creation (Daily/Monthly)

Number of blank remotes that can be created




Rolling codes (Daily/Monthly)

Number of rolling codes that can be generated. 1 rolling code = 1 key press of a keyfob




Secure Decrypt (Daily/Monthly)

Number of KeeLoq Secure (Seed-derived) transmissions that can be deciphered




Next Rolling codes

Number of subsequent rolling codes generated after an analysis or a blank remote creation




# of input bytes

Max input bytes for analysis and generation when using API or APP





PandwaRF Android App integration

Rolling code processing directly from the PandwaRF Android application

Marauder Android App integration

Marauder sectors are analysed directly from the Marauder Android application

Automatic Kaiju Web app account

Submit a rolling code compute request from your PandwaRF device will automatically create a Kaiju account

PandwaRF HW can change account

PandwaRF products can be moved from one account to another

Processing priority

Computing resources and priority






Kaiju REST API support

Accept input as coded symbols

Can process input stream containing coded data with header, preamble or synchro bits

Accept input as IQ file

Accept input as I/Q file. Can process (modulated) complex I/Q file as an input.

Accept input as Flipper Zero RAW .sub file

Accept input as Flipper Zero RAW .sub file.

RfCat Python scripts

Generate ready to use Python scripts for PandwaRF/Yard Stick One (YS1).

Gate openers

Support for garage & gate opener


Support for cars keyfob (under development)

Car Alarms

Support for car alarms (under development)

License rules

Here are some principles about Kaiju and License usage.

  • Some features or quotas are given by your PandwaRF product (Rogue Pro, Rogue Gov, Marauder Ultimate, ...)
  • Some features are acquired with a Kaiju License and give power-ups to your PandwaRF product
  • Some quotas are also boosted with a Kaiju License
  • You can analyse data even if you don't have a license
  • If you don't have a valid license, the analysed remote will be locked, until a valid license is entered
  • A locked remote has all its major information (Serial number, sync counter, etc...) hidden
  • A license is needed to unlock a previously analysed remote
  • Registering a license unlocks all previously locked remotes
  • Remote generated without license are not guaranteed to be kept in DB
  • Once license has been purchased, remote are not erased from DB
Features granted by a Kaiju License

The following features are unlocked with a Kaiju License and give additional capacities to your PandwaRF.

Feature Free Plan Any Kaiju License

Rolling Codes Analysis

Accept input as coded symbols

Can process (demodulated) input stream containing coded data with header, preamble or synchro bits

Accept input as decoded bits

Can process (demodulated & decoded) input stream containing decoded data (data bits, not symbols) (under development)

Accept input as duration

Can process (demodulated) input stream expressed as list of bit duration (under development)

Accept input as I/Q file

Can process (modulated) complex I/Q file as an input

Generate output data ready to send

Generate output stream containing header, preamble or synchro bits, repeated

Ready to use script for YS1

Generate Python script to use with RfCat/Yard Stick One


Kaiju REST API support